Yoga 4 the Rest of Us with Kathleen Pratt, Licensed Social Worker and Certified Yoga Teacher

    Enhancing health and well-being in the Kingston Ontario region

    • Trauma-Sensitive Yoga for individuals, couples & groups
    • Gentle and accessible Hatha yoga - absolute beginners welcome 

    Specializing in:

    Yoga for Pelvic Wellness: I help people optimize their pelvic health with yoga so that they can live active and empowered lives with fewer limits. 

    Moving through Grief with YogaI help people navigate the difficult emotions of grief by using yoga to heal and strengthen their minds, hearts and bodies. 


    Private classes online during COVID-19

    On September 24, 2020, the Ontario College of Social Workers (OCSWSSW) reiterated its recommendation:

    "the College continues to strongly advise members to continue, wherever reasonably possible, to provide services by electronic means."

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    Move your body - change your mind!

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    My motto is "Learn ~ Grow ~ Thrive"


    ~ By acquiring new skills to support your health

    ~ How your body, heart and mind work together as a system

    ~ To tell different stories about yourself and your life



    ~ Through overcoming adversity

    ~ By creating space in your body, mind and daily routine

    ~ By developing wholeness in your relationships with yourself and others



    ~ In the life you choose to create

    ~ In the momentum of learning and growing

    ~ In a safe community of practice 


    Find more peace with yourself, your life and your relationships

    The first step starts with you!

    Discover yourself

    Accept yourself

    Heal yourself


    Your journey to wholeness includes:

    Practicing self-compassion 

    Trusting your inner wisdom 

    Finding authentic self-worth 

    Coming to forgiveness 

    Building self-confidence 

    Cultivating gratitude

    Come and explore the possibilities for your life!

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    Phone: (613) 777-5207

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