Yoga 4 the Rest of Us with Kathleen in Kingston, Ontario 

    Yoga 4 the Rest of Us with Kathleen ... Enhance YOUR health and well-being with yoga 

    • Trauma-Sensitive Yoga for individuals, couples & groups
    • Yoga for Grief & Loss
    • Yoga for Female Pelvic Wellness 

    Private classes online during COVID-19


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    I’m Kathleen Pratt, a licensed social worker whose passion is facilitating groups and teaching yoga. In my more than 25 years of professional practice, I’ve seen hundreds of people participating in my programs achieve remarkable and sometimes unbelievable, changes in their outlook and life circumstances. The power of connecting with our true selves and with other people is life changing. Adding yoga to what I offer has taken my practice beyond what I thought was possible. Yoga cultivates an openness that awakens a shift in perspective. It creates space in the body and mind for growth and transformation. When we are able to see and experience life in a new way, we can discover our inner potential. 

    Move your body - change your mind!

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    Not just a yoga class …. Not just a group experience!

    Find more peace with yourself, your life and your relationships

    The first step starts with you!

    Discover yourself

    Accept yourself

    Heal yourself


    Your journey to wholeness includes:

    Practicing self-compassion 

    Trusting your inner wisdom 

    Finding authentic self-worth 

    Coming to forgiveness 

    Building self-confidence 

    Cultivating gratitude

    Come and explore the possibilities for your life!

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